DKBA: Boys Basketball Camp Mindful Yoga Sessions

Many of the NBA's best players regularly practice yoga! Some benefits include: 1. Play better D-Change directions in fractions of a second by improving hip mobility. 2. Yoga helps you become lighter on your feet. This helps you move and react more quickly and puts less stress on knees and joints. 3. Yoga makes you less susceptible to injury by lengthening and strengthening your muscles. Long, flexible tissues are less prone to damage and tears than tight ones. 4. Helps you to have better emotional control. Tuning into your breathe allows you to stay in the present moment, remained focused, and ultimately make better decisions. This helps to prevent an unhealthy reaction to situations that may arise during a game. 5. Yoga can actually make you taller. Yoga strengthens AND lengthens the muscles. Many poses lengthen the spine, creating space, improving posture and making you stand taller. 

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers, "I think it's huge for guys to start young and realize the benefits. When you take care of your body through yoga, it extends years in your career. I do think (yoga) will become more and more the norm in the NBA." Other NBA players who speak out on the benefits of yoga include: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson, and Jabari Parker, to name a few.