Highlights from Summer Reading/Mindfulness Camp

Week 1: King of Kings Summer Pro Am Life Development Program has partnered with Mindful Yoga by Sherri in offering a Summer Reading/Mindfulness Program for area children looking to improve their reading skills over summer vacation. National Honor Society high school students will tutor elementary children in reading, participate in mindfulness sessions together, and build relationships. The program objectives include: instill a love for reading, learn reading strategies, improve oral fluency and reading comprehension, learn self-monitoring and regulation skills, and ultimately develop a positive relationship with their mentors. 

Participants will sit together at the end of each session at a King Of Kings Summer Pro Am basketball game. This 5-week program will take place at Mohawk Valley Community College, under the direction of Sherri Spina, Certified Reading/Elementary Educator and Certified Yoga Instructor, Doneilous King, founder of King Of Kings and owner of DKBA, and Dr. Judy Braman, of S.M.A.R.T Fitness Physical Therapy. 

Our camp is full for this year. Registration for Summer 2018 will commence in May. 💙

Week 2: Thanks to Rob Perry of Quadsimia for donating this awesome design for our 1st Annual Summer Reading Mindfulness Program T-Shirt! It's amazing! We truly appreciate your effort! 🙏🏻

We are off to a wonderful start and are in the 2nd week of our 5-week program. The children are enjoying STAT, building relationships with their mentors, and are learning Mindfulness Strategies at the start of each session. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of children to pilot this program! 💙

Week 3: Thanks to our guest reader Brandon Long, educator, and co-founder of King of Kings Summer Pro Am. The children enjoyed your visit last week at Mohawk Valley Community College. The mentors are having a great time participating in this opportunity to give back, while our younger students are benefiting from the relationship with their high school reading partners. Weekly lessons reinforce reading comprehension, fluency, and writing skills. In addition, all students are learning Mindfulness strategies and yoga poses which help manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movements. Yoga and Mindfulness help to build concentration, increase confidence and positive self-image, all while improving overall health and well-being. We are all looking forward to the remaining two weeks of this great summer program!💙

Week 4: "Focusing on breathing helps calm the body by slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and sharpening focus. Paying attention to breathing also supports strong functioning in the higher brain. Controlled breathing lessens anxiety by overriding the "fight, flight, or freeze" response set off by the amygdala and gives control to conscious thought, which takes place in the prefrontal cortex. When breathing is deliberately regulated, the brain is primed to THINK FIRST and then PLAN a response, enabling MINDFUL BEHAVIOR." (The MindUp Curriculum, 2011) Students learn to "retrain their brains" and become less reactive and more reflective! This allows them to break bad habits and form new healthy habits. We look forward to the final week of our King of Kings Summer Pro Am/Mindful Yoga by Sherri Reading/Mindfulness Camp.💙

Week 5: Thank you to our mentors and students for donating your time, opening your hearts, and enriching the lives of others this summer! You are an amazing group of children and you should ALL be very proud of your hard work and dedication! We will miss you all and look forward to seeing you next summer at Mohawk Valley Community College for our 2nd Annual King of Kings Summer Pro Am Reading/Mindfulness Camp. Keep reading, be present and mindful, and strive for a CALM MIND, STRONG BODY, & OPEN HEART! Namaste! 💙