Highlights from Summer/Reading Mindfulness Camp 2018!

Highlights from our Summer Reading/Mindfulness Camp:

King of Kings Summer Pro Am Life Development Program has once again partnered with Mindful Yoga by Sherri in offering a Summer Reading/Mindfulness Program for area children looking to maintain or improve their reading skills over summer vacation. National Honor Society high school students tutored elementary  children in reading, participated in mindfulness sessions together and built relationships. The program objectives include: instill a love for reading, learn reading strategies, improve oral fluency and reading comprehension, learn self-monitoring and regulation skills, develop a yoga and mindfulness practice, and ultimately develop a positive relationship with the mentors.

This summer program once again took place at Mohawk Valley Community College, under the direction of Sherri Spina, Certified Reading/Elementary Educator, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Mindfulness Consultant, Doneilous King, founder of King Of Kings and owner of DKBA, and Dr. Judy Braman, of S.M.A.R.T. Fitness Physical Therapy. 

This year was even better than the last. We had an amazing group of National Honor Society Members who took time out of their summer to experience the wonderful joys of charity firsthand. For some it was their first experience with giving back and for others they enjoyed last year and were eager to return as mentors this summer. Their feedback during our last session was heartwarming to say the least. Their suggestions for improvement included: more yoga, more mindfulness practice, and more time with their little buddies. It was inspiring to see the reactions and responses from our high school mentors! Words can not express how proud I am of you!

Our elementary children showed up for each session ready to learn, read, practice yoga, had open hearts & minds, and a willingness to practice mindfulness each week. They loved our book, Code 7, Byran R. Johnson, and enjoyed all of the related activities each week. We wish them good luck as they enter school next week and are hopeful that they continue to practice the mindfulness strategies they learned. 

We incorporated more community "Guest Readers" this year who were eager to share their profession, passions, and insights into the importance of education and reading. All camp participants benefited from their inspirational chats, listening to them read from our book, and the opportunity to connect one-on-one with our special guest readers throughout the session. We are excited about our first few guest readers lined up for next summer. 

Thank you to our mentors and students for donating your time, opening your hearts, and enriching the lives of others this summer! You are an amazing group of children and you should ALL be very proud of your hard work and dedication! We will miss you and look forward to seeing you next summer at Mohawk Valley Community College for our 3rd Annual King of Kings Summer Pro Am Reading/Mindfulness Camp.

Keep reading, be present and mindful, and strive for a CALM MIND, STRONG BODY, & OPEN HEART!